You will travel back in time, through gorges, precipices and cliffs covered in Mediterranean scrub, passing by the Scala di San Giorgio and arriving at the top of the Taccu di Osini, a plateau at an altitude of almost one thousand metres, that overlooks the village - which is eight kilometres away - and dominates the Ogliastra region. Up here, after a short stretch on foot, at about one thousand metres of altitude, you will find the Serbissi nuraghe, inhabited between the Ancient and the Recent Bronze Ages (17th-10th centuries BC). It is a place in which thousands of years of history and natural beauty combine perfectly. The architectures, a rare example of a Nuragic complex at high altitude, tower over a rocky limestone landscape with sheer rock faces, on which they rest, using an unusual technique to adapt to the terraces. The structure, which is in excellent condition, consists of a nuraghe with four towers, a village, a cave, two tombs of giants and, nearby, another two single-tower nuraghi.