It stretches for almost six hectares, mostly covered by majestic and very ancient yews - many of which are thousands of years old - up to 15 metres tall and one metre in diameter, with huge foliage. It looks like a forest out of a fairy tale or a fantasy story, but instead it’s the protected wooded area of sos Nibberos, inside the state-owned forest of Monte Pisanu, within the territory of Bono. Stretching across the northeastern slope of Monte Rasu, it is the largest yew forest in Italy and was declared a natural monument in 1994 by the Sardinia Region.

The undergrowth is almost absent, while in some areas you will also notice holly and downy oaks. On its borders, along the course of a torrent, a rare endemic species appears, after being classified a few years ago: it is the Arrigoni bramble that, compared to the common bramble, has much larger leaves, less thorny branches and its fruit is slightly larger and less sweet.