There is a splendid exhibition in the former railway station of Ulassai, a mountain municipality in the province of Ogliastra, where the genius of Maria Lai was born. This is an atypical museum that overlooks a valley surrounded by limestone Buttes, not far from the village, where a large collection (150 works) by the great artist who died in 2013 is kept: ceramics, sewn books, frames, canvasses and terracotta pieces donated to the village by its most illustrious daughter, who drew inspiration from her origins and created an infinity of forms that made her famous throughout the world. Created in 2006, dedicated to her and renamed Station of Art, the museum occupies three renovated buildings, where trains climbed up along the Gairo-Jerzu line until 1956. It is now the point of arrival of the creative journey of an artist and her place of birth, which began with 'Legarsi alla montagna' (1981), when the surrounding mountains and houses of Uassai were united with a sky blue ribbon tens of kilometres long. This and later events make Ulassai an open air museum.