A cylinder of limestone surmounting a cone of schistose rocks, forming a curious natural geometric shape set at almost a thousand metres altitude, stands solitary among wooded hills. Su Texile, also known as su meseddu de Texile, is a taccu: a typical ancient rock formation, and a natural monument since 1989, as well as a symbol of Aritzo, a mountain village nestled in the Barbagia di Belvì area. Composed of Mesozoic limestone and dolostone, it covers an area of ​​almost one hectare, is 24 metres high and between 50 and 70 metres wide. You can reach it from the outskirts of the town, two kilometres along the road to the Cossatzu cantoniera, amid a picturesque landscape with its pastures, remains of an oak wood, chestnut trees, hazels, cherry, and walnut trees. You will suddenly come across a view that you will not forget and you will understand the observation of Vittorio Angius, 19th century historian: "from afar, the top resembles a perfect cylinder, but up close it reveals an irregular shape".