Guarded by mountains, crossed by ravines and surrounded by dense forests dotted with limestone rocks and natural springs, Gadoni is a small and welcoming agricultural town of 800 inhabitants, situated 700 metres above sea level on the slopes of Gennargentu. Founded in the 15th century, the oldest quarter is laid out in a semicircle: the houses look onto streets paved in red and black stone, and criss-cross with stairways and walls. In the centre are the parish Church of Assunta and the Church of Santa Marta, who is celebrated at the end of July. The surrounding countryside shows its wildest and most fascinating nature: spectacular landscapes with ravines, canyons, waterfalls and lakes. Trekking and horseback excursions will take you to the Corongia plateau, covered in an impressive forest of holm oaks, yews, pistacia and junipers, wild peonies and orchids; from there you can descend to the Flumendosa valley with its walnut, cherry and chestnut trees, through the ancient woodland of Crontas, home to rare mammals and birds of prey such as the royal eagle, and on to the lunar landscape of sa Scova, as far as the praecipes of Lattinazzu (up to 100 metres high), carved and moulded by time, including the su Campalini pinnacle, 80 metres high.