Suelli stands at the base of Pranu Siara, in the heart of Trexenta, a ‘granary’ of ancient Rome. Suelli is a town of just over 1,000 inhabitants located fifty kilometers from Cagliari. From the 11th to early-15th centuries, it was the seat of the Barbaria diocese (Trexenta, lower Barbagia, Quirra and Sarrabus), the town of veneration of its first bishop - San Giorgio, a charismatic character who lived until 1117, known for his blessedness and miracles, declared holy by the will of the people and solemnly celebrated to this day throughout the five days after Pentecost. Dedicated to him is one of the most evocative spiritual itineraries of the island, the Cammino di San Giorgio Vescovo di Suelli. Ecclesiastical influence and tradition are evident in the architecture and sacred adornments of the town, such as the former cathedral of San Pietro Apostolo, located in the upper part of the town.