A journey back in time among ex-votos, rings, bracelets, daggers, pins, figures depicting crowds of devotees and warriors who, between the Middle Bronze and Iron Age, frequented the sanctuary village of Abini and the village of s’Urbale. Teti, a pleasant town in the Nuoro region, sits at 900 metres on the slopes of the Gennargentu mountain range. It is steeped in ancient civilisation, details of which have been carefully reconstructed at the regional archaeological museum, housed since 1990 in a building constructed in the oldest part of town. As you visit the rooms, you will catch a glimpse of life as it was in s’Urbale, walking through a detailed full scale reconstruction of a typical dwelling, and you will uncover the secrets of Abini via the relics found at the vast settlement that surrounded the meeting field and sacred well, a place of sacred rites, most likely linked to water worship.