From an architectural point of view, it is one of the most beautiful coastal towers on the Island and it is certainly the one with the most original shape: to fulfil the purpose of protecting what was then a ‘gateway’ to the town of Muravera, it was not built next to it, but literally over it. It is no coincidence that the tower of the Dieci Cavalli (Ten Horses) is also known as the ‘tower of the gateway’. The building is located in the locality of San Giovanni, in a place that was an obligatory passage, in ancient times, along the ‘royal road’ leading to Muravera and the villages of the Sarrabus hinterland, coming from the southern coast, because along the sides there were - and still are in part - ponds and marshy areas that are difficult to cross.

The year of construction is not known, but in 1581 the tower was already operational, functioning as a watchtower and for light defence. It owes its name to the fact that it was constantly manned by a force of ten mounted guards, ready to gallop to raise the alarm in nearby villages if pirate ships were spotted.