In the centre of Sardara you’ll enjoy a thrilling virtual journey back in time to the mysterious Nuragic and pre-Nuragic periods, delve into fascinating Punic relics, and into Rome’s Republican and Imperial eras. Housed in a lovely early 20th century building, the archaeology museum at Villa Abbas is worth a visit. Before the building was renovated and inaugurated (1997), it was a municipal building, a garrison and then a school. The exhibition is spread over 8 halls containing display cases and water wells. It includes items from the most important archaeological sites in the Medio Campidano area all the way to the Cagliari hinterland along route 131 (the island’s main motorway). The first hall is an educational one that will teach you how to ‘read’ the exhibits. Here you’ll find technical illustrations of the digs, complete with historical and chronological data, and a range of ceramic items dating from the Neolithic to the late Imperial Era. Every hall, and its items, is accompanied by illustrational panels.