Mare nostrum

Porto Giunco - Villasimius

Mare nostrum

Front row seats even in August, in the open sea of Sardinia
a seaside dream to fit everyone

Transparent waters wash kilometres and kilometres of free coastline, with landscapes made up of inlets, reefs, coves and an infinity of beaches. A short walk will take you to some of them and you will never find yourself elbow to elbow with neighbouring beach umbrellas even in mid-August. You will find others set among fantastic reefs, close to cool pine forests, soft sand dunes and natural oases inhabited by pink flamingos. Each speaks its own language: there are precious, delicate ones that it will seem an insult to walk on, while others are so wild that you will feel the thrill of being the first to set foot on them and sometimes their past experience comes before their beauty. You could experience a different one (or more than one) every day, but a lifetime of holidays in Sardinia would not be enough to discover the vastness of its sea.

Ten kilometres of beach, all alone

This is what it's like between Bari Sardo and Cardedu, a Blue Flag sea and a wild beach. Along this stretch of coast, your soul needs to get used to having nothing around except cormorants and dolphins peeping out at you, while in the distance you will hear bleating from the odd flock of sheep. It’s heaven, but take what you need with you, as there’s a long way to walk before reaching the refreshment services.
Torre di Barì
A long and enchanting Ogliastra beach, on the centre-eastern coast of Sardinia, split in two by a 16th-century tower: the golden sand of the “men’s...

In the kingdom of Capo Comino

South of the Costa Smeralda, the mood changes. Distance is in the natural order of things, even in August. Take note of these two names: Sutt’e riu at Posada, at the foot of the park of Tepilora, and Mandra e’ Psiche at Orosei, in the oasis of Bidderosa. They are a tribute of the silent, solitary Sardinia, free from constructions.
Spiaggia di Capo Comino - Siniscola
Capo Comino
One of the attractions of the eastern coast of Sardinia, a setting usedfor several famous films and very popular for its mixture of white sand,...

By the sea, with the Phoenicians and the Romans

They seem to have never left. Swim in their waters and sunbathe on the sands of Nora and San Giovanni at Tharros, and you will feel that they are still here, moving around the ancient ruins and the free beaches at the foot of their ancient towns. Then, in the evening, these spectacular stages set the scene for incredible sunsets over the sea.
San Giovanni di Sinis
One of the most suggestive places in the Gulf of Oristano, the central-western part of Sardinia: brightly coloured all year round, with a crystal...

In the shade of the pine trees

Long, leisurely pine woods that surround the beaches and infinite horizons on the sea. Platamona is Italy’s record-holder with 15 kilometres, followed by su Barone at Orosei, is Arenas at Narbolia and Salamaghe at Budoni, to name just a few. They are a short distance from the villages and frequented by local people: you can find the familiar seaside atmosphere of the past on their beaches.
Spiaggia di Platamona - Sassari
In the northwest of Sardinia, in the centre of the gulf of Asinara, there is a long, wide shoreline, made of fine sand, with all the services you...

Far away from reality

Far away from everything and with a past made up of sad stories. If you come here, you must be looking for something that transcends the simple beauty of the landscapes. The excessively primordial nature of these areas can go to your head. Scivu, Piscinas, Pistis and Torre dei Corsari are shamanic places that captivate in order to be heard and respected.
Torre dei Corsari
On the Green Coast, on the western part of Sardinia, a beautiful colour effect is offered by the mixture of golden sand dunes, silver rocks,...

At the mouth of the Liscia river

An undeclared wildlife oasis and spontaneous meeting place for naturists and kite surfers tells us a lot about the wild and free nature of Barrabisa, Fiumara and Porto Liscia. If you don't play with the waves and the wind, you can reach the coves close to the reefs, with a calm sea and views of the Maddalena archipelago, a private area in the heart of Gallura.
Sciumara - P
La Sciumara - Rada di Mezzo Schifo
A visit to the maritime centre that symbolises Gallura is a must. It is located along the coast of northern Sardinia, surrounded by greenery and...