Mountain biking in Sardinia: itineraries not to be missed

Mountain Bike a Capo Caccia_isola Foraddada

Mountain biking in Sardinia: itineraries not to be missed

Excursions for everyone, from beginners to experts, fun routes and beautiful landscapes: what more could you ask for?

Exploring Sardinia by mountain bike is an exceptional way to surround yourself by its wild nature. There are numerous cycling routes that cross its breathtaking coasts, as well as lesser-known corners of the hinterland. The island is famous for seaside tourism which is concentrated in the summer months, although spring and autumn are also magical periods for admiring its beautiful scenery with the sea view filling your eyes and your feet on the pedals. Even in winter it offers sunny days and mild temperatures, ideal for active holidays in the company of your bike.

Discover the mountain bike routes in Sardinia


Cardedu is a charming village located along the central-eastern coast of Sardinia and offers a series of panoramic mountain bike excursions that cross the peaceful countryside and stop at the magnificent beaches of the Marina di Cardedu. This coastline stretches for several kilometres, along which cyclists can enjoy breathtaking views and venture into some of the coast’s secret coves. The circular tour is particularly worth taking. It starts from Cardedu, which can easily be reached by public transport, and climbs up a stretch of Monte Ferru with a stop at the nuraghe of Genna Didu. The route has the following characteristics:

Ogliastra in mountain bike

Difficulty: For cycle excursionists with average technical skills. Good physical fitness and advanced abilities are required.

Time required: 3.17h

Distance: 38.6 km

Average speed: 12.18 km/h

Metres uphill: 860 m

Metres downhill: 860 m

Ground type:

  • Path: 19,9 km
  • Lane: 1,71 km
  • Road: 17,1 km
  • Unpaved: 11,4 km
  • Dirt: 3,77 km
  • Paved: 9,26 km
  • Asphalted: 13,8 km


Leave Orosei behind and direct the handlebars towards Mount Tuttavista for an unforgettable ride. The climb requires good stamina and technical skill but, once at the top, you will be treated to spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and the sea. Make sure you have the right equipment and know the route well before tackling this adventure on two wheels. The starting point of the ring is right next to a car park from which you can also easily get to the nearby beach of Marina di Orosei, for a revitalising dip at the end of the excursion. Here are the characteristics of the route:

Orosei in bici

Difficulty: for cycle excursionists with excellent technical skills. Excellent physical shape is required. Advanced riding skills are required.

Time required: 02:34h

Distance: 24.2 km

Average speed10.34 km/h

Metres uphill: 940 m

Metres downhill: 940 m

Maximum and minimum height 740 m - 10 m

Ground type:

  • Singletrack: 2,13 km
  • Path: 10,5 km
  • Lane: 1,95 km
  • Road: 5,81 km
  • State road: 3,84 km
  • Unpaved: 9,09 km
  • Paved: 8,34 km
  • Asphalted: 5,70 km


The most popular excursions for visiting the La Maddalena Archipelago are those via sea, by boat or dinghy, but there are other ways to explore this corner of paradise: one of these is mountain biking. We present you a circular route that will take you past the captivating Bassa Trinità beach, which is located on the northernmost stretch of the coastal road that runs around the entire perimeter of the island. Another stop is at Cala Lunga, an authentic natural pool near Porto Massimo. The starting point of the tour is right next to the town’s Post Office car park. Here are the characteristics:

Mountain Bike in Gallura

Difficulty: for cycle excursionists with average technical skills. Suitable for any fitness level.

Time required: 01:42h

Distance: 25.4 km

Average speed17.89 km/h

Metres uphill: 290 m

Metres downhill: 290 m

Maximum and minimum height: 130 m - 0 m

Ground type:

  • Singletrack: 278 m
  • Path: 3,98 km
  • Access road:
  • Road: 6,52 km
  • Street: 14,5 km
  • Natural: 1,42 km
  • Unpaved: 3,64 km
  • Paved: 6,80 km
  • Asphalted:12,9 km


Mountain bike excursions to Pala di Monti and Rio Pitrisconi offer an adventurous and very scenic experience. From the Pala di Monti lookout point, you can admire both the island of Tavolara and Capo Coda Cavallo and the Padru mountains. Passing through the Rio Pitrisconi canyon you might come across canyoning enthusiasts tackling adrenaline-filled dives and descents into the natural pools created by the river of the same name that crosses Monte Nieddu. The starting point of the route is located in San Teodoro and has the following characteristics:

Veduta di Portixeddu in mountain bike

Difficulty: For cycle excursionists with excellent technical skills. Good physical fitness is necessary. Advanced skills are needed, otherwise some parts of the route may require you to push the bike by hand.

Time required: 02:39h

Distance: 28.7 km

Average speed: 12.01 km/h

Metres uphill: 750 m

Metres downhill: 750 m

Maximum and minimum height: 580 m - 0 m

Ground type:

  • Singletrack: 603 m
  • Path: 15,9 km
  • City street: 2,78 km
  • Road: 3,48 km
  • State road: 5,87 km
  • Mountain road: 488 m
  • Unpaved: 11,7 km
  • Paved: 7,75 km
  • Asphalted: 8,75 km


It could be renamed the route of the three M’s: mountains, mines and sea.

The starting point of the tour is located in Guspini and heads straight for the Costa Verde, passing through the Montevecchio mining complex. A stop near the fascinating dunes of Piscinas is a must, making sure you then safely cross the Rio Piscinas, the river with typical red waters. The colour is the result of iron oxide contained in its tributary, the Rio Irvi, and coming from the old Casargiu mine. Here are the characteristics of this route:

Difficulty: for cycle excursionists with excellent technical skills. Very good physical fitness is necessary and advanced skills are required.

Time required: 05:06h

Distance: 54.2 km

Average speed: 10.71 km/h

Metres uphill: 1,230 m

Metres downhill: 1,230 m

Maximum and minimum height: 460 m - 10 m

Cammino santa Barbara in mountain bike

Ground type:

  • Singletrack: 7,87 km
  • Path: 30,2 km
  • City street: 3,44 km
  • Road: 11,9 km
  • State road: 854 m
  • Natural: 2,58 km
  • Unpaved: 32,4 km
  • Dirt: 3,69 km
  • Paved: 5,43 km
  • Asphalted: 10,0 km


Now that you have discovered some of the fantastic mountain bike routes in Sardinia, all you have to do is choose whether to bring your bike with you on the ferry or rent one directly on the island. In any case, both expert cyclists and beginners who set off for Sardinia by bike can find routes suited to their level of fitness. While cycling along the coast or riding your bike in the parks, you can enjoy an authentic experience in this uncontaminated land.

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