An open air gym

Corsa Alghero tramonto

An open air gym

A mild climate, beauty and variety of landscapes: Sardinia is the ideal destination for active tourism
travellers who experience their holiday as protagonists

An open air park-gym that inspires all sorts of tourists throughout the year . Sardinia is the perfect destination for travellers who experience their holidays as protagonists: they can enjoy any sporting activity on the island, in unique and often unspoilt settings. It is the ideal land for anyone who likes to interact with nature and seek cultural and spiritual enrichment during their travels.

Capriccioli - Snorkeling
Kayak on the Cedrino river
diving, kayaking, kite-surfing, sailing, beach tennis and volleyball…

If you love the sea, take a dip in the crystal clear waters and breathtaking seabed and do some snorkelling, diving or game fishing. If you prefer the surface of the sea to its depths, you can speed across the water on a surfboard or let yourself be pulled by the sails of a kite, taking advantage of the windy island, flying along on the monumental waves. If, instead of an adventure in the water, you want something more relaxing: there are canoes and kayaks, or you can take a trip on a sailing boat. Once you have returned to the shore, on the fine, white sandy beaches, you can have fun with the great beach classics: soccer, tennis and volleyball.

Climbing Buggerru
Golf San Teodoro Puntaldia
… trekking, nordic walking, climbing, paragliding, golf

Sea all year round, but not only: trekking and nordic walking, to reach coves that will leave you speechless, or to visit the inland area and combine active tourism with history and culture… and you can still go on trips deep into the Mediterranean scrub or cross dense forests and climb hillsides. Canyoning, though, is the ideal activity to 'conquer'  spectacular rocky gorges, often touched by streams and natural pools. The toughest climbing, paragliding and parachuting enthusiasts will also be satisfied. For more relaxing, refined itineraries, there is a wide choice of golf courses.

trekking ogliastra
mild climate, safe roads and a steady pace

Itineraries for lovers of cross-country and dirt roads to travel along on a mountain bike and roads with very little traffic for all, from the most expert cyclists to cycling tourists. The Island is the ideal place for cycling, safely and without a thought in the world, at a steady and relaxing pace, allowing you to experience the trails and stop for visits, refreshments and accommodation. With biking, integration with the environment is complete and Sardinia enhances this experience, thanks to enchanting scenery and silence that amplifies the sounds of nature.

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