A place in the sun, naturally in Sardinia

Is Arenas Biancas - Porto Pino - Teulada

A place in the sun, naturally in Sardinia

Sand, quartz, shells, long solitary beaches, far from the usual tourist routes
Beaches as nature created them, free and untouched

Step into this painting and look at the island close to home with new eyes: you will see its solitary beaches, not very 'lived in', where your gaze wanders towards the sea line, towards distant and uninhabited horizons, where you will breathe in the iodine-soaked air, which smells of brackish water and helichrysum, the perfume of Sardinia. Discover these paradises on tiptoe so as not to disturb the balance of uncontaminated and primordial places. You will feel their extraordinary natural energy coming towards you, a great outstretched hand that recharges your mind and body so that you can start living to the full again, leaving behind the darkness of the last few months.

Have you arrived in Berchìda or in paradise?

Its sheer beauty enchants, but the thing that moves you deeply and you will never forget is the harmony between all the elements that your senses perceive when you walk on the shore, swim or sunbathe. It is a boundless paradise that begins with the marvellous protected area that safeguards the five beaches of Bidderosa and reaches as far as Berchìda.
Spiaggia di Berchida
A jewel on the northeastern coast of the Island: a half-moon stretch of five kilometres of soft, pure white sand dunes, bathed by a crystal clear...

Natural works of art

Primordial nature and sensual charm. It is difficult to describe it in words and even pictures often don't do it justice: you’ll have to go to the Costa Verde and see it for yourself. It will be like travelling back in time. From San Nicolò to Pistis, its great beaches have preserved intact not only the environmental system but also the spirit and atmosphere that surrounds them, the hallmark of special places.
Costa Verde
The silence of the dunes, the sandy deserts and echoed miners’ voices of the abandoned mines: this is the charm of the Costa Verde, Sardinia’s...

An immense expanse of white sand and blue sea, alone

This is how it is in the Marina of Tertenia! Here one must accustom the soul to the essential...There is no shortage of beach facilities, but the feeling of remoteness from the world is heightened by the endless spaces and reddish mountains all around, which isolate this paradise from everything. Even the north-westerly wind is less noticeable in these parts. In the twelve kilometres of the marina, Foxi Manna and Foxi Murdegu stand out, two 'pearls' separated by a promontory guarded by a Spanish tower.
Spiaggia Foxi Manna - Tertenia
Marina di Tertenia
This spectacular stretch of sandy coast, over ten kilometres long, is in the territory of the main town in south Ogliastra in central-eastern Sardinia

The sea where you don’t expect it, at the foot of a castle

If you turn your back on the long beach and look towards the land you will see a delightful hilltop village with its medieval castle, then the green valley, a mighty river for fishing and canoeing and the forest in the distance. You might wonder where in the world you are, but just turn towards the sea and you immediately recognise it: you’re in Sardinia.
Panorama vista borgo san Giovanni
San Giovanni di Posada
In the province of Nuoro, in the northernmost part of the Gulf of Orosei, on the east coast of Sardinia, stands a truly beautiful seaside village...

A queen and two princesses

They stretch out in front of the small island of Malu Entu; go there by bike or on horseback and you will find them one after the other, precious and delicate. In the centre lies Arutas, the most famous, with the largest quartz grains; to the side is Mari Ermi with its pink flamingo pond and Maimoni with the last dunes of quartz sand. More than beaches, they are fragile jewels gifted to us by the power of the sea.
Is Arutas
In the Gulf of Oristano, in the centre of Sardinia’s western coast, embraced by two rocky cliffs, there is a half-moon made up of coloured quartz...