Consigli pratici

Practical advices

Some advice to best organize and experience your vacation.

Accompanying your dog

Dogs must be on a leash and you must carry a muzzle with you. Make sure your dog does not create a nuisance to others, and remember that the collection of excrement is compulsory. Accessibility to natural areas, parks, beaches and public places with dogs is only possible where explicitly permitted.


Collection of waste

In Sardinia waste is divided and typically collected at homes according to a fixed timetable. In some municipalities they will take rubbish out to the bins along the streets or recycling bins where hazardous waste such as batteries and medicines are also disposed of. Find out about the disposal and waste procedures in use in the area you are staying, and remember that it is strictly forbidden to abandon waste.


Currency, cash points and credit cards

The currency used is the euro. Payments by credit card are possible in shops, hotels and restaurants, but in small towns this may not be permitted. We advise you, therefore, to always carry with you a small sum in cash for minor expenses.
ATMs for cash withdrawal are widespread and operate 24 hours a day.



In Sardinia, the official language is Italian, English and other foreign languages ​​are not widely spoken but in hotels, restaurants and major tourist areas.


Environmental regulations

Respect the wild animals, do not bother them and do not try to approach them or feed them. Make sure you know and respect the rules of conduct when you're in a park or in a protected area and remember that you cannot remove sand and shells from beaches.