Sardinia, magic moments

Wedding in Sardegna - Arbus Pistis

Sardinia, magic moments

To celebrate the good things in life you need a special, exotic place, but one that is close at hand
all together now, the desire to party

The force of wild nature and the fascination of the sea live here, along with a glamorous lifestyle and the magnetic charm of ancestral cultures. It is easy to think of Sardinia when you want to satisfy whatever desire that comes to mind concerning original and memorable locations where you can celebrate weddings and anniversaries or renew your vows. In seaside resorts they are celebrated everywhere, on the beaches and on top of cliffs, at the foot of lighthouses and coastal towers and even on the islets visible from the coast. You will surprise your guests even more if you say “yes” in the surreal silence of the mining villages or villages once abandoned and now reborn to a new life, in the delightful country churches scattered through the void of poetic primordial landscapes or in the presence of Nuragic palaces and sacred wells, not by chance built in places full of positive energy, a big plus left as a dowry by ancient people for your special moments.

Trenino verde sulla travata di san Gerolamo - Niala
tu chiamale, se vuoi, emozioni

Other charismatic places are befitting to mark a milestone birthday, bachelor or bachelorette parties (stag nights or hen parties), professional milestones and family reunions. Once the ‘toasts’ are over, share some exciting authentic Sardinian experiences with your following of friends. Climb aboard one of the vintage carriages of the Trenino Verde tourist train as it retraces the ancient railway routes in Ogliastra, Sarcidano, Planargia and Gallura, on the same tracks that captivated the incredulous writers of travel chronicles in the nineteenth century. Not much has changed since then. Otherwise, you can join the instinctive and passionate collective rituals of archaic carnivals and the festive, sometimes irregular, traditional demonstrations, a legacy of ancient cultures, well-preserved in Sardinia. Lastly, take a breath, as the sportiest island there is awaits you.

trekking Selvaggio Blu - Baunei
a few days are all you need to fly high, in Sardinia

Sporty and also green. Hire a sailing boat, with or without a skipper. It will be a continuous party of sea and sun, in wonderful marine parks, one after the other, from Alghero to Tavolara, passing by Asinara, Santa Teresa Gallura and the Maddalena archipelago. If, on the other hand, you want to stay on land but still touch paradise, you can have tailor-made excursions created for your group: you can enjoy some of the stretches of the Selvaggio Blu (Wild Blue) trekking trails beneath the stars through the dreamy landscape of Supramonte of Baunei, or get carried away on the 4x4 tours along the shepherds routes to the most distant places in Barbagia and Gallura, staying overnight in little villages, in the pinnettas (traditional shepherds’ huts) or in the stazzi (rural dwellings), and, needless to say, eating divinely.

Capo Caccia, Isola Foradadda - Alghero

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