In search of wind and waves

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In search of wind and waves

Waves, after the storm, long and relaxing to the south, rapid walls of water and breaking waves to the west and the wind blowing constantly over the entire island: Sardinia is a surfers' paradise
We provide the wind and the sea, you just need to bring your board

In Sardinia's emerald green sea, there is always a tailwind for sailing, kite-surfing and windsurfing enthusiasts. Not just yachtsmen: when the northwest wind that sweeps across the Mediterranean blows on the west coast, the enchanting shorelines become a must for surfing enthusiasts, with fast, tubular waves that can reach four metres in height at Capo Mannu, at the northern end of the Sinis peninsula. From Buggerru to Funtanamare the western coast is a paradise for expert surfers who do have no fear of the force of the sea and its rocky seabed.

Kitesurfer al Poetto - Cagliari
Sardinia is the windy island

With almost two thousand kilometres of coastline, exposed to all of the winds, Sardinia is a splendid open air gym. For those who wish to enjoy it in a more relaxed manner, they can do some surfing on the calmer waves to the south - from Poetto in Cagliari and Quartu Sant'Elena in Chia, continuing on to the beaches of Teulada and Porto Pino. These scenarios all become a playground for the local longboarders several times throughout the year. The Southern shoreline of the island also offers numerous spots for kite-surfers and windsurfers.

surf Isola Rossa
northern beaches, the fun is guaranteed

To the north, on the western side, there is Porto Ferro, on the outermost edge of the Riviera del Corallo. In the centre, there is Santa Teresa Gallura and, in particular, Capo Testa and Rena Majore. On the eastern side, there is Porto Pollo. These are the best-equipped, safest and most famous areas, thanks to the constant wind and the protection offered by the respective bays, making it possible to enjoy kite-surfing and windsurfing - always at their maximum throughout almost the whole year.

Windsurf - Porto Pollo
a modern passion for surfing and the ancient tradition of Lateen Sail

In the gulf of Asinara, equally impressive are Costa Paradiso, the longest beach in Platamona and, above all, Stintino, where the modern passion for windsurfing follows the ancient passion for Lateen Sail, a tradition thousands of years old, revisited and relived by the fishermen and by the skilled artisans of the little village by the sea.