It is located at an altitude of almost 700 metres at the top of a plateau, next to the lush slopes of Mount Acuto, which gives a name to the territory to which the village belongs. Alà dei Sardi, a village with less than two thousand inhabitants, an enclave in the Logudoro area of Gallura, is part of a 'mosaic' made up of rugged, silent granite elevations with bizarre sculptures shaped by the wind, forests of holm oaks and oak trees, the kingdom of the mouflon and the eagle, staggering valleys with streams forming little lakes and the waterfalls of Su Fosslu Malu and flat dirt roads with stretches of Mediterranean scrub, where the trials for the Rally d'Italia Sardegna, a round of the world championship, takes place. From the village, you will see the Gulf of Olbia and the majestic outline of Tavolara and from the forest of Lithos, the mountains of Barbagia.