Rising 750 metres above sea level in the southern part of the homonymous plateau, Buddusò is in the Monte Acuto. The village perhaps derives its name from the moniker biddisò (sparrow), after having been initially known as Gullusò from the 14th century. Its territory, most famous for its white granite quarries, is covered with pastures, cork oaks and dense Mediterranean scrub. It is traversed by the Rio Mannu which runs into the Lago di Coghinas and the Rio Altana that flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea. The territory, which regularly hosts special stages of the world Rally Italia Sardegna, was inhabited as of the Neolithic period, as is evidenced by a dozen Domus de Janas within the town and over 50 collections in necropolis, scattered throughout the countryside. The most famous are the Domus de Borucca and the necropolis of Ludurru, 200 metres from the village, with hypogaea excavated in a single granite outcrop.