It climbs to an elevation of 700 metres along the south-western edge of the Buddusò plateau: from its scenic view point, you can enjoy a panorama that encompasses all of the Goceano, with its alternating elevations, including the lush Mount Tolidda, plains and valleys cut by the river Tirso, creeks and mineral springs. Nule is a Late Roman or Early Medieval town populated by 1400 inhabitants. Nule, at the centre of a long dispute during the age of the Giudicato, is now famed for its textile arts. It is one of Sardinia’s towns most known for the production of refined carpets patterned a framas, with thin, brightly coloured flames, woven on extremely old vertical frames using techniques passed down through the generations. The weaving together of weft and warp generates a dense fabric with a back and front that are identical but opposite. The “flamed” patterns originate from ancient rites, while more modern patterns were designed by Eugenio Tavolara.