It is one of the oldest state-owned forests in Sardinia, preserving monuments and archaeological sites, and it contains some of the tallest trees on the island. The Fiorentini forest stretches through the territory of Bultei, to the north of the complex of state-owned forests of Goceano and includes Forest’Anela in the south-east and the forest of Monte Pisanu in the south-west. Originally, Fiorentini was also a part of it, while today it is included in the complex of Monte Acuto. Like its ‘neighbours’, it has also been state-owned since 1886. Most of its trees extend across a granite plateau, over an area of​ almost 1600 hectares. At high altitudes, you can admire holm oak woods, while at slightly lower levels you will notice the presence of majestic cork oaks dominating the valley and providing excellent quality cork. In some places, the holm oak woods are denser and become mixed with downy oaks, holly and a few yew trees.