It stands isolated on a small hill near the banks of the Tirso river and was built on the remains of a trefoil nuraghe, presumably in the mid-12th century, six kilometres from Bultei, the territory in which it is located, and six from Benetutti: the parishes of both Goceano villages claim ecclesiastical jurisdiction over it to the diocese of Ozieri. The church of San Saturnino owes its fame to its simple Romanesque architectural forms and also to the landscape and the archaeological value of the site where it stands. The first news of the sanctuary of Sancti Saturnini de Usolvisi dates back to 1163, the year in which it was donated to the Camaldolese monks - who had also built the stupendous Basilica of Santissima Trinità di Saccargia - by Attone, bishop of Castra.