Cala Luna


A spectacular area, where the low and sandy coast alternates with gigantic ridges. Ponds, beaches and the sublime charm of the mountains. Discover the beautiful Sardinian east coast.

The eastern coast of Sardinia, alternating low shores and golden inaccessible cliffs overlooking a turquoise sea, stretches for kilometres. Wild sheep, donkeys and wild boar roam freely in the woods of strawberry trees, holly oaks and oaks in the Supramonte, secretly watched by the royal eagle, which nests on the highest peaks.

Visit Posada, one of Sardinia’s most beautiful towns, its ancient Castello della Fava and famous, award winning beaches.

Explore Cala Ginepro, located in the Lido di Orrì, famous for its small juniper forest and clear blue sea that has many shades of blue.

Go swimming at Cala Liberotto and visit Orosei, a lovely city located on the fertile plain formed by the mouth of the river Cedrino. Cala Gonone rising up from the Golfo di Orosei, is located on a steep hill at the foot of the extinct volcano Codula Manna and slopes down to the gulf. From here you can go on to discover numerous beautiful bays, such as Cala Ziu Martine, Cala Fuili, Cala Cartoe and Cala Luna, a beautiful pale blue bay dominated by steep, lunar grey rock walls.

Heading south, further inland, discover Baunei, a mountain village behind which opens up one of the most beautiful Mediterranean seas. Here canyons like Gorropu, karst valleys, steep limestone cliffs and Su Sterru, the famous Golgo chasm, a natural bottleneck nearly 300 metres deep, await you.

In the forest, near the Golgo, be prepared for intense hours of hiking to reach the splendour of Cala Goloritzé, a rocky, dazzling turquoise bay, and other lesser-known coves along the Selvaggio Blu, one of Italy’s most challenging and scenic hiking trails.

Continue your trip along the eastern Sardinian road and do not miss the Santa Maria Navarrese coves. The tourist resort of Arbatax is a hamlet of Tortolì, famous for its red rocks, cliffs of red porphyry stretching from the Bellavista promontory into the sea. Worth visiting are the small beaches of Cala Moresca and Porto Frailis.

Take a dip into the calm of Cea beach backed by the original red cliffs, where you can enjoy the priceless view of the bay.

Visit Barì dominated by the seventeenth-century tower that splits the beach in two and stroll along the beautiful marinas of CardeduGairo and Tertenia, a spectacular part of the coast with clear, very fine and soft sand, clear and blue waters, contrasts of light created by the reflections of the sun.

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