Murales of Fonni


Nuoro and the small townships are the island’s hidden and silent heart, dominated by the rugged and wild mountains of Supramonte and Gennargentu, where you can find the essence of Sardinian traditions and hospitality.

The centre of Sardinia, the island’s heart, is a stranger to the rhythms of the coast. A mountain scenery rich in forests, waterfalls and rivers in a breathtaking natural setting characterize this area.

Here reign special flavours, from the richness of the forests and the farms in the area. Mountain charcuterie, roast meats, cheeses, chestnuts and hazelnuts, predominate over a table enriched by the typical carasau bread and accompanied by a glass of good Cannonau wine.

Here people live better and longer; the recipe for the “elixir” of long life is simple: fresh air, good food, a natural lifestyle and a vibrant social life that animates these mountains.
A trip to Sardinia’s interior is like diving into the ancient world of the island, where traditions testify to the deep roots of the Sardinian culture and the unique hospitality of the people who live there.
Each season has its charm. During the Cortes Apertas of Autunno in Barbagia, at the weekends from September to December, each one of the 26 hamlets involved opens their historic houses’ courtyards for a journey into art, craftwork and products of the earth. Each week is a different emotion, because the character and traits of each of Barbagia’s small realities is different.

In winter when snow falls on the Gennargentu, almost everywhere bonfires are lit for Sant’Antonio del fuoco and in February the Carnival begins. In Mamoiada, Mamuthones and Issohadores masks lead one of the oldest rituals of the Sardinian tradition on stage, followed by collective, lively festivals with music, theme singing and dancing in the square in which both tourists and residents participate.

But spring and summer are magical too, through unforgettable trekking: paths to reach the nuraghic Tiscali village, guarded by a wide cave and going down to the Gorropu Canyon, two pearls in the heart of Sardinia start from here.

Places of the heart

After you discover them, they will be yours forever