Unlike the eastern side of Gallura, dotted with innumerable granite coves, the coast of Badesi on the western edge of Gallura boasts a wholly different landscape of long, wide, white beaches. One of the most characteristic and most beautiful of them all is the Baia delle Mimose. It is all of three kilometers long, starting at the south with the mouth of the Coghinas river and ending in the north where it fades seamlessly into its 'twin,' Li Junchi, both easily reachable by any means.

The Mimose is surrounded by dunes punctuated with small junipers and sea roses, the sand is white and the sea is iridescent, fluctuating between blue and emerald green. Thanks to the constant breeze, it is a popular destination for wind and kitesurfing enthusiasts. Given its size, even in high season it's never overly crowded, so it's perfect for relaxing in peace. In the distance on your right as you look out to sea you will catch a glimpse of Isola Rossa, while on your left you will see the outline of the Castelsardo promontory.