A long and charming stretch of coastline with soft, white beaches and a beautiful hinterland, which contains the flora and fauna reserve of the Zincu Denti forest. The two residential areas of Trinità d' Agultu and Vignola form a single Municipality with two thousand inhabitants, in the northwestern part of the Gallura region. Formed in the second part of the nineteenth century by families from nearby residential areas and stazzi, Trinità d'Agultu, the municipal 'capital', towers over the shoreline from an altitude of 350 metres. In the centre, the eighteenth-century church of the Santissima Trinità stands out and contains the statues of St. Barbara and St. Orsola, deriving from the ruins of two little medieval churches. There are solitary sanctuaries scattered around the countryside: those of Sant'Antonio, San Pietro Martire, San Giovanni, San Giuseppe, San Michele Arcangelo on a panoramic hill, and that of Santa Maria di Vignola, near the coast, in the centre of the second municipal urban area. The vineyards produce excellent Vermentino wine, ideal as an accompaniment to fish recipes: zimino (fish soup), linguine pasta with sea urchins, grilled fish. From the land, a special dish: zuppa gallurese (Gallura soup), a dish with bread, Pecorino cheese and sheep meat broth.

Vignola includes the district of Lu Colbu and the marine district of Costa Paradiso, a granite landscape covered in Mediterranean scrub and punctuated with little coves.