When thinking about Ogliastra, its traditions, longevity and flavours of the typical local products and cuisine come to mind but, perhaps most of all, the breathtaking natural scenery. On the border of Barbagia, in the Villagrande Strisaili area, an oak forest contains one of its gems: the natural pools of Bau Mela. You’ll find yourself admiring an oasis where the current of the stream of the same name has carved and shaped the granite and through two small waterfalls in rapid succession it generates a captivating series of cascades and ponds. The first waterfall is the most impressive and it creates the largest pool, while the second is divided into other equally accessible little pools, where you can immerse yourself in the crystal clear water surrounded by mighty granite walls. The landscape on your way to this natural masterpiece is no less magical: lush Mediterranean scrub, centuries-old junipers and expanses of asphodels will accompany you on a journey through wild and uncontaminated landscapes.