A typical agricultural-pastoral village, Bortigiadas was once the Logudorese enclave in Gallura and is the smallest Municipality in the north-east of the Island, with less than 800 inhabitants living in 22 villages and stazzi (rural settlements), at a distance of some tens of kilometres from the centre. Bortigiadas rises up at an altitude of 450 metres above sea level, in the midst of elevations that reach a thousand metres, overlooking an area that extends to the east of the rivers Coghinas and Tempio Pausania, presenting interesting geological features. It is no coincidence that, since 1984, it has hosted the Mineralogical Museum, exhibiting 800 examples of minerals representing 250 species, mainly from the area of the village and also from other Sardinian territories. Amongst the finds are numerous pieces that are the sole examples on the Island. Speaking of geology, not to be missed in Punta Salizi are the rocks shaped by the wind over the centuries, forming marvellous natural sculptures, rising up between the Mediterranean scrub and cork oak woods, amidst splendid panoramas.