Three nuraghi, a dolmen, a Giants’ Tomb and a sacred well that is still ‘alive’, all contained within a few hundred square metres, in an area that has always inspired a mystical atmosphere, as its name suggests: ‘Monte di Dio’ (Mountain of God). The complex of Monti di Deu is located in the Calangianus countryside, deep in the centre of Gallura, in a setting of woods and granite rocks in Limbara. The material with which the buildings were constructed could only be granite and some of them are still in good condition.

The nuraghe Agnu is a ‘corridor’ type nuraghe, with a horseshoe layout, a solution used to exploit the natural protrusions of the land. You can enter via a trapezoidal architraved entrance, which leads into a corridor. On its sides, you will notice three spaces opening up: on the left, a domed room, on the right a tunnel leading to a natural cavity, while another opening takes you into rectangular room. Next to the nuraghe, you will see the dolmen of the same name.