It lies on the southern slopes of Mount Limbara, the 'mountainous heart' of Gallura, that surrounds it with granite rocks shaped by the weather, not far from Lake Coghinas. Berchidda is a village with three thousand inhabitants, with Neoclassical and Art Nouveau houses and buildings positioned in a 'crescent' shape in steep streets. In the centre, you will find the parish church of San Sebastiano, with its wooden Baroque altar, and the seventeenth-century church of the Rosary. From the main square, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley and Mount Acuto, an elevation that gives a name to the territory. On the occasion of Time in Jazz, which lasts for a week, around the 15 August Ferragosto holiday, the village puts on its best clothes, the squares become a theatre, the streets come to life with the colours and sounds of the nighttime concerts, starring the famous trumpet player, Paolo Fresu and musicians from all over the world.