It is located on the western side of the largest and deepest ria, that is an inlet created by a river mouth, in the northeastern part of Sardinia. Cannigione, a district of Arzachena, originally a fishing village, is a renowned tourist village. Its promenade is made up of the docks of a large, modern port. Next to it, is the 'city' beach: light, large grained sand leading into the sea with its infinite shades of blue. The seabed slopes gently and is very popular with those who like scuba diving and snorkelling. In fact, it has become one of Sardinia's diving centres par excellence: the banks of seagrass in various diving areas should not be missed, particularly at the Scoglio di Mortoriotto. Near the sandy shore there is also a car park, equipment and boat rentals, bar, restaurant and accommodation facilities.