A walk through the countryside of Arzachena, the renowned tourist centre of Gallura, will allow you to discover a landscape made of vineyards and pastures, in an area that has been inhabited for millennia and which preserves a rich archaeological heritage inherited from the civilizations that populated the area in prehistoric times. Just two and a half kilometres away from the village of Arzachena, you will find the Albucciu nuraghe , one of the most characteristic and important examples of a 'corridor' building (or protonuraghe), the ancestor of the later nuraghes, although the truncated-ogival rooves were affected by the subsequent tholos building technique .

Dating back to the Middle Bronze Age (15th century BC), the centuries, or rather the millennia, have meant that the nuraghe is completely hidden in a jagged grove of olive trees and Mediterranean scrub. The peculiarity, which differentiates it from the other nuraghes in the area, is its construction technique. The imposing granite blocks were carefully leant against an imposing, light-coloured granite rock that forms part of the masonry of the main building, as well as a preponderant part of the entire nuraghe.