A vastness of breath-taking natural beauty, from the beaches of Chia to the green mountains leading to the sea. The territory of Domus de Maria is characterised by a long stretch of coastline with sand dunes dotted with centuries-old junipers, imposing granite peaks with lush forests and hills covered with Mediterranean scrub releasing fragrant essences and vibrant colours. Built in the 18th century, the village today counts 1,700 inhabitants. The village and the coast come to life each year during the food fairs (dedicated to goat, wild boar, figs and fish) and local festivals. At the beginning of October, the patron saint of the Madonna del Rosario is celebrated, whilst for Pentecost there is a five-day event with a poetry competition in the Campidanese dialect and a procession of the Holy Trinity, accompanied by floats and knights in traditional costume.

The coast of the Chia village is seven kilometres long and a true stretch of paradise.