The name evokes a past as a landing place, while today it is known for being the first beach, starting from the east, on the Chia seaboard and for containing the main historical and archaeological traces of the famous tourist resort that falls within the coastal territory of Domus de Maria. Su Portu is a crescent-shaped cove, about 250 metres long, between a cliff and the promontory dominated by the tower of Chia. It is surrounded by a ‘crown’ of Mediterranean vegetation, with a green pine forest behind it. You can admire an expanse of golden sand, with fine grains and a crystal-clear emerald green sea, with shallow waters near the shoreline and a seabed sloping gently towards the sea. There is no shortage of services: parking, refreshment areas, campsite and beach equipment rentals.

On the left of the beach, beyond a rock mass jutting out towards the sea, you will notice a second beach, which is smaller, more sheltered and ideal for those looking for relaxation in an intimate environment.