Genoni, in the Sarcidano region, rises on the slopes of the volcanic hill of Santu Antine that dominates and protects it. The town is steeped in tradition and boasts some 800 inhabitants, as well as being surrounded by pristine nature and important archaeological sites. The little centre is divided into eight historical districts, one of which is home to the remains of a convent built in 1638. Its importance was documented by a 1550 map, Insula Sardinia, its name one of very few mentioned.

Santu Antine is an outcrop exposed through the erosion of the Jara Manna (or Giara di Gesturi). At its top are the remains of a Punic era fort (IV century BC), which had six towers, and a building that many believe to be the famous temple dedicated to the goddess Guinone, after which the town was named.