An original and innovative exhibition that brings together history and science lets you assume the role of the palaeontologist and discover Sardinia’s deepest Nuragic well. The Paleo-Archeo centre of Genoni sits at the foot of Santu Antine hill, a hill on which traces of civilisations dating to from the Bronze to the Medieval Ages were discovered. The museum has three sections: paleontological, archaeological and educational.

The first section, palaeontology, was created for the exceptional finds uncovered at an old quarry in nearby Duidduru. The quarry is home to an extensive (50 metre-deep) outcrop of marine deposits dating to the Miocene, offering proof that the area was once under water. It contains the fossils of sea urchins, shells, coral and sea snails, as well as the remains of an extinct shark, the megalodon. A 250-million-year-old crinoid and a crocodile tooth are also on display at the museum.