In a valley south of the Giara di Serri and Monte Trempu, north and west of fertile hills and east of the Mannu river, Gergei is a small rural town in the Trexenta region and counts some 200 inhabitants. It is known as the “town with the good olive oil,” made from an autochthonous variety called mallocria, an oil that has received a variety of recognitions, making Gergei a member of the national City of Oil association together with 250 other Italian oil producing cities. The town is also famous for its live nativity scene. The centre of town is home to the little late-Gothic San Vito Martire church from the XVI century, graced with a rose window over the main door. Inside are works of art, including a group of Cristo Morto with Madonna and saints sculptures, as well as a painting of Santa Maria from the XVI century. Another old sanctuary is Santa Greca, built in 1328 and rebuilt in late-Gothic style in the XVI century.