Serri sits at an elevation of 600 meters, along the edge of a Giara (plateau), to which it gives its name. According to general belief, it was founded by the inhabitants of the nearby Roman city of Biora as they fled the plague. This small agro-pastoral village on the border of Sarcidano plateau and Trexenta, has a population of 650 and is a member of the Borghi Autentici d’Italia Association because of its natural, cultural, archaeological and culinary riches. The village boasts a view that spans from Gennargentu to Marmilla Hills and the island’s south-western coast. Giara di Serri, close and similar (on a smaller scale) to Giara di Gesturi (Jara Manna), is a natural fortress surrounded by century-old holly, downy and common oaks, and Mediterranean shrubs; an ideal setting for excursions on foot, bicycle or horseback. Its lush greenery is flanked by fertile pastures, where excellent cheeses are made, vegetable gardens, orchards, and vineyards producing superb wines. Meat and excellent oils are at the foundation of local recipes.