Orroli is the 'land of lakes': Lake Mulargia is set between lush hills that slope down to its shores and sink into its water, while the valleys and the sky are reflected in Lake Flumendosa, with rocks emerging from the waters and spectacular contrasts of lights and shadows. The surrounding nature includes forests, waterfalls, grottoes and gorges, all ready to be discovered along trekking itineraries. You can admire the landscapes on board the Trenino Verde (Little Green Train) and by taking trips by boat or canoe. The territory is famous for an extraordinary concentration of vestiges from the past, above all the Arrubiu Nuraghe, one of major protohistoric monuments in Western Europe, which 'lived' between the 14th and 9th centuries BC. It is known as the 'Red Giant' because of its majesty and the reddish hues of the lichens that give it its colour.