It bears witness to the evolution of the building techniques used on the prehistoric tombs and contains what many consider to be the highest ‘façade’ known to date among the Sardinian megalithic tombs. It is located a short distance from one of the most important Nuragic settlements in Gallura, for which it may have served as a ‘cemetery’. The Giants’ Tomb of Coddu Vecchiu – also known as Coddu Vecchju or Ecchju – is located in the territory of Arzachena, in the locality of Capichera, just 700 metres from the La Prisgiona nuraghe. Built from local granite, it was originally a tunnel tomb, of the allée couverte type. The first construction phase probably dates back to the Early Bronze Age, around the 18th century BC. Later on, during the Middle Bronze Age - that is, between the 16th and 14th centuries BC. -, the tomb was ‘transformed’ into a Giants’ Tomb, with the addition of the front exedra and the curved stele, of an exceptional size: with its four metres, it is considered the tallest on the island.