Giant rocks sculpted by the wind surround and protect a place of calm and silence that has always been a destination for worshippers seeking an intense spiritual experience. Less than half an hour's drive away from the island's splendid north-eastern coastline but far from its bustling activity is a small church surrounded by granite outcrops and Mediterranean brush, in a perfect example of Franciscan simplicity. The sanctuary is located to the south of Luogosanto, not far from the town, and its position offers a panoramic view over the Strait of Bonifacio. Nearly a thousand years of history is wrapped up in folk tales about the two protagonists of the origins of this mysterious, austere place. The Eremo di San Trano owes its name to two Anchorite saints, Nicola and Trano, who chose to live their faith to the full in this hermitage, far from comfort and sin, between the 4th and 5th century.