Its outline resembles an Italian panettone Christmas cake and it is the largest granite monolith in Sardinia. Monte Pulchiana stands out on a plateau in the territory of Tempio Pausania, even though the nearest residential area is the village of Aggius. It is an inselberg, that is a granite elevation, small and isolated and shaped like a dome; it was created out of the decomposition of the rock, resulting from the chemical process of hydrolysis and then due to the action of water. It is unique on the Island, both for its size and for the landscape around it: a real granite garden, with tafoni, tors and agglomerations of rocky blocks. It is not by chance that the Sardinian Regional Authority declared it a natural monument in 1994. You will notice its unusual colour, with pink and yellowish tinges, due to oxidation. The eastern wall of the elevation is crossed diagonally by a vein of quartzite and is particularly admired by experts and climbing enthusiasts. It contains the only road in Gallura with a spit and one of the very rare cases in Sardinia open in granite rock faces.