A 3500-year-old fortress, symbol of the evolution of the Nuragic civilisation, enchanting thanks to the natural scenery all around it and populated by a colony of small very rare bats. The nuraghe Majori is perched on a granite ‘dome’ at an altitude of 500 metres and emerges in the midst of a lush wood of cork oaks, ash trees, holm oaks, downy oaks, Mediterranean plant species and a carpet of cyclamen and orchids brightening up the grey of the rocks. Well-preserved and available to be enjoyed throughout, it is the archaeological ‘pearl’ of Tempio Pausania, one of the most significant protohistoric monuments in Gallura, nestled between the Aggius mountains and the park of the Limbara massif and dotted with trekking and mountain bike itineraries. From the historic centre of Tempio, the ‘city of stone’, the archaeological area is less than two kilometres away on state road SS 133 in the Palau direction.