There are two different versions for the origin of its name: according to the most ancient of the two, a mistranslation of isula de is càvurus (crab island); the most recent hypothesis states that the name derives from the abundant presence of wild kale. Isola dei Cavoli has a surface of only 43 hectares, but it is a feast of flora and fauna, less than one kilometre away from Capo Carbonara. You can reach it by private boat or with excursions organised from the Villasimius harbour. Its irregular coast is dotted with small coves surrounded by granite boulders with white sand bottom: long and narrow cala di Ponente, accessible to small boats, cala del Morto to the south, Cala del Ceppo and the largest and protected Cala di Scasciu.

Its clear, intensely azure waters are the home of whole schools of dolphins and barracudas.