It is one of the Città delle Ciliegie (cities of cherries), with a festival not to be missed at the end of June, and it has a station along the Mandas-Arbatax Trenino Verde tourist railway line. Lanusei is an ancient village with 5400 inhabitants, dating back to the 12th century and located on the southeastern ribs of the Gennargentu Park, an episcopal see of the diocese of Ogliastra and of the first 'house of the Salesians' in Sardinia (1902), or the ‘temple of San Giovanni Bosco', patron saint of the village, celebrated at the beginning of June. Casa Mameli brings further lustre to the town. This was the birthplace of Goffredo Mameli, composer of the Italian national anthem. It is one of the nineteenth-century buildings embellishing the old town centre, among which there is also Palazzo Piroddi, a neoclassical work by the famous architect Gaetano Cima. In the centre of the village, there is the seventeenth-century cathedral of Santa Maria Maddalena, in which there are frescoes by the painter Mario Delitala, dedicated to the life of Mary Magdalene and to the life of Christ.