In it, there is a centuries-old holm oak forest and it is unique in the Mediterranean basin for extension and characteristics. The forest of Montes, access to which is a few kilometres from Orgosolo, extends for 4500 hectares on elevations around a thousand metres high, from the first spurs of the Gennargentu massif, passing through the high valley of the Cedrino river and the Orgosolo Supramonte area, as far as the Rio Flumineddu river, on the eastern border. A thousand hectares are occupied by an expanse of holm oaks, 20-25 metres tall: it is Sas Baddes, feather in the cap of the state-owned forest, one of the most ancient and extensive holm oak forests in Europe, which coexists with maple trees, holly trees, strawberry trees, phillyrea and yew trees. In the undergrowth, there are peonies and the wild Gennargentu rose, which will enchant you: it is usually a plant with magnificent crimson red flowers, which are pink only at the beginning of spring.