It is famous for the mining village of Rosas, an example of industrial archaeology becoming a tourist attraction, and for the Narcao Blues festival, one of the main Sardinian musical events. Narcao is a village in the Lower Sulcis region with over three thousand inhabitants. Its undulating territory stretches between mountains shaped like 'jars' covered in Mediterranean scrub, oak trees, pinewoods and eucalyptus woods. A visit to the cave of su Bacculu is a must, where you can admire evocative flowstones and stalactites. These caverns were the stage of the first settlements in the territory, dating back to the Neolithic period: the relics found in the cave of su Maiu are now kept at the national archaeological museum in Cagliari. The landscape is dotted with the ruins of prehistoric residential building, dolmens and menhirs, as well as pieces of obsidian.