Based on tradition, its founding dates back to the Vandal king Genseric in 500 AD. Giba is located on a plain surrounded by low hills, a few minutes from the sea. The main residential area and district of Villarios, situated along the Karalis-Sulki Roman road (Sant'Antioco), have over two thousand inhabitants. The fertile territory facilitates the production of excellent oil and Carignano wine, artichokes, to which a festival is dedicated in mid-March (at the same time as the festivity in honour of St Joseph), and cheeses. The bread is baked in traditional ovens: at the beginning of August, in the bread festival, as well as the typical local dishes, you can taste several variations: civraxiu, coccoi, pan 'e saba, bread with olives, Ricotta cheese and Lardo. There are delicious pastries (gueffus pabassinas, pardulas and pistoccus) and works of art, like the textile goods: rugs and tapestries. The local artisans also offer you knives, baskets and Is pippias de cane, little dolls made of reeds.