It is one of the most ‘technically’ well-finished nuraghi on the island, thanks to the level the Bronze Age builders reached when working and finishing the stone ashlars. The single-tower Nuraghe Corbos was built on a small hill seven kilometres from Silanus, between the plateau of the same name and the Ottana plain, in ana area dense with evidence dating back to the Nuragic age. You will see a truncated cone tower about twelve metres high, built using medium-sized skilfully-worked basalt blocks: in the first rows they are polygonal, while from the middle upwards they are roughly square-shaped and the exposed side is slightly convex.

The position of the architrave above the entrance is almost level with the walking surface. In fact, the collapsed stones have buried more than a metre of the tower. Nevertheless, access is possible through a breach on the west side, obtained by removing an ashlar, which leads to the staircase connecting the ground floor and the upper level.