According to legend, Ollolai was the residence of Hospito, dux of the Barbagians, confirmed by an official letter (594 AD) from Pope Gregory I asking for his help in encouraging his people to convert. The village's name is a reference to the rebellious nature of the ancestors from Ollolai, which perhaps comes from the ancient alalè, the war cry of war of the tribes in the area before the battle. The power continued on in the Giudicale period: the village was an administrative centre. Today, with one thousand 500 inhabitants, it gives a name to the historical territory in which it is the most important centre, Barbagia di Ollolai. The asphodel, which colours the nearby countryside, is the raw material used in the art of weaving. You can admire the baskets made by the skilful hands of the Ollolai women in the de s' iscrarionzu exhibition.