An event that is eagerly awaited all year long: all of Oristano's charm comes out on the occasion of the equestrian joust of sa Sartiglia, symbol of the of the city's traditions: Sunday and Shrove Tuesday of the Carnival period attracts visitors from every part of the world. The ceremonials of the event evoke the glorious past linked to the corporations. The town's history is relived during the festivity, along with the taste of the almond cakes and the typical local Vernaccia wine.

The role of Oristano has been that of a protagonist in Sardinia's history: from the 11th century, the town centre started to be embellished with palaces, fortifications, towers and religious buildings. In the spotlight, there is the majestic Tower of Saint Christopher - also know and the Tower of Mariano - and the Monument of the Giudicessa Eleonora (1881), who promoted the Carta de Logu, one of the first codes of law written in Europe. Also worthy of a visit is the Antiquarium Arborense museum, located inside Palazzo Parpaglia, where you will admire artefacts from the excavations of Tharros, and the churches of San Francesco, in Neoclassical style, Santa Chiara, a rare example of Gothic style on the Island, and the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta (built in 1130).